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All Star Docs

Here are the All Star forms that managers will need to fill out. Updated 6/10/2015

Boundary Mapshere
each players name will need to be placed on the map showing the street they live on.

Medical Release formhere
each player will need a Medical Release for filled out

Player Verification formhere
each player will need a Player Verification form filled out which needs to be signed by a Parent/Guardian and League President

Affidavit (Baseball)here
this form needs to be carefully filled out in its entirety and is for BASEBALL only

Affidavit (Softball)here
this form needs to be carefully filled out in its entirety and is for SOFTBALL only

Proof of Residency

We will need three (3) of the following documents dated February 1st of the current year back to February 1st of the prior year. The documents must fall within this date range. Example if it is 2013 it would be February 1st 2013 – February 1st 2012.

Driver’s License
Voter’s Registration
School Records
Welfare/Child Care Records
Federal Records
State Records
Local (Municipal) Records
Support Payment Records
Homeowner/Tenant Records
Utility Bills
Financial Records
Insurance Documents
Medical Records
Military Records
Internet, Cable or Satellite Records
Vehicle Records
Employment Records

Age Proof will need to be one (1) of the following:

Board of Health/Registrar of Vital Statistics
In-Lieu Statement (necessary document from all four groups)

School Enrollment Proof

Official/Certified school enrollment record
School issued report card or performance report
A Little League issued school attendance form completed by the principal, assistant principal or superintendent