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Player Evaluation

Player Evaluation Committee


PLRLL Underage Advancement Requirements

1.  No underage player shall be advanced to the next division unless he/she is evaluated by the evaluation committee.

2.  Subsequent to the evaluation committee determining that a player has met the standards and is fully capable of playing in the next division up, the committee will make a formal request to the board asking that the player be allowed to advance to the next division.

3.  No player shall be evaluated by the Player Advancement Committee without first being recommended for advancement by all the coaches in his/her division or the division above.

4.  For the purposes of advancement, no parent, guardian, or caretaker can demand from, request from, or solicit the PLRLL Board of Directors or the Player Advancement Committee, on behalf of a player.

5. Although all portions of the player advancement criteria have been met, the PLRLL board of directors reserves the right to deny any and all player advancements.

Player Advancement Committee Chairman