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PLRLL Meeting Minutes 3/9/2017

PLRLL General Meeting 03/09/2017

* First Aid overview by PLRFAS

* Safety review

o 2 Forms need to be completed, PLRLL Accident report and AIG form

* Forms and all injuries should be reported to Vin Stigliano (PLRLL safety officer)

* Umpires

o Minor Softball and Baseball will have kid umpires as in years past

* Kid umpires must be league age for majors or above

o Majors and above for baseball and softball will have league/district umpires

o PLRLL umpire clinic will be scheduled, timing is TBD

* Review of current league make-up

o Farm Baseball-6

o Farm Softball-4

o Minor Baseball-4

o Minor Softball-4

o Major Baseball-4

o Major Softball-1

o Junior Baseball-2

o Junior Softball-1

o T-Ball-8

* Managers/Coaches

o Required paperwork for managers/coaches must be returned by 03/23/2017

* Rutgers Saftey course and concussion education course must be completed

* Teams are permitted 1 manager and 2 coaches for volunteer purposes.

* Field Care Day

o 03/18/2017 starting at 9AM

* District Schedules will be available mid-May

* Uniforms will be distributed on 03/23/2017 at mandatory meeting

* Review of proper drafting procedures by player agent

* Reminder about snack stand volunteer need

* Reminder to attend mandatory meetings

PLRLL Meeting Minutes 10/27/2016

PLRLL General Meeting 10/27/2016
Meeting called to order at 8PM
Treasury report provided by W. Puzio
Joe Black field renovation costs were detailed and discussed
Scoreboard Installation costs/progress discussed
New scoreboard installed on senior field
New scoreboard to be installed on Don Jenkins field
Registration cost for 2017 season was discussed, goal is to keep cost to parents flat if possible.
Consider not making baseball pants standard issue to help reduce overall uniform cost to PLRLL
If this measure is put in place pants will be made available to those who need them.
Registration dates for 2017 season were discussed
Proposed dates for in person registration are as follows:
01/04/2017 (Saturday) from 9:00AM-12:00PM in PL Civic Center
01/26/2017 (Thursday) from 6:30PM-9:00PM in PL Civic Center
January 2017 General Meeting to follow on 01/26/2017 at 9:00PM
Board Member Nominations
John Keating stepping down as Supervisor of Managers and Coaches
Brendan Maher was nominated to assume role of Supervisor of Managers and Coaches
Next General Meeting scheduled for 11/10/2016
Meeting adjourned at 8:55PM

PLRLL Meeting Minutes 4/14/2016

Mandatory Managers/Coaches Meeting 04142016
Review of treasury report
Field Maintenance
Clay rakes will be placed at all fields within the Joe Grill complex
Managers/coaches of the home team are responsible for raking the batters boxes and pitching mound following each game.
All bases should be removed after each game and plugs should be placed in the holes.
Bases should be stored flat in the equipment boxes
Home team is responsible for emptying full garbage cans and replacing bags
Both teams should ensure dugouts and surrounding field area is clean after each game.
Practice schedule for Joe Grill Fields and Independence fields is posted on PLRLL website and should be followed for the duration of the season.
Make up Games
If a make up game is needed it can be scheduled with priority over an existing/scheduled practice
Every effort should be made to play all games including make ups at Joe Grill complex.
Field schedule will be posted on PLRLL website
Games should be scheduled through division supervisors and once games are scheduled the supervisor should request an umpire through Vin Stigliano
All game scores should be reported by the winning team to
M.DiPrenda to follow up with Riverdale BOE on school field maintenance
Snack stand schedule through May 12 is posted to PLRLL site
Yard signs have been ordered and will be available for pick-up at the snack stand once they are completed
Equipment box will be placed at Independence field
All coaches reminded to submit all required paperwork and have every player complete a medical release form.
Medical release forms should be kept by the manager/coach at all games/practices
Accident report forms should be completed for all accidents/injuries and submitted to Vin Sigliano
When supplies are used from First Aid kit please report to Vin Stigliano for replacement

PLRLL Meeting Minutes 3/24/2016

General Meeting March 24, 2016

  • Meeting called to order at 8:04
  • First Aid presentation from PLRFAS
    • Reminder given on Medical Information forms-must be completed and kept with manager/coach at all practices and games.
  • Treasury report provided
    • Upgrades to snack stand including plumbing and appliances
    • Other major purchases included uniforms, equipment and outfield fences
  • All scheduled created by PLRLL are created and posted to league website.  Other district schedules will be posted when they become available.
  • Pictures/opening day confirmed
  • Riverdale School OK for major/junior SB practice
    • Minor SB will utilize smaller field
  • New players continue to sign up improving numbers
  • All equipment boxes will be equipped with first-aid kits donated by PLRFD
  • Major Baseball will have district umpires
    • District umpire provided overview of expectations for seasons
    • (862) 668-4295
  • New Business
    • Reminder to submit all required paperwork to John Keating prior to the start of the season.
    • Managers need to coordinate snack stand schedule with parents
      • Schedule will be posted to
      • Each team should expect 2 dates
      • Managers are responsible for snack stand coverage if no parents show
    • Wendy’s fundraiser on April 5th
    • Cut-off for lawn signs in 04/09/2016 (opening day)
    • Pictures are on rain/shine inside PLHS gym
    • Review of Division Supervisors
    • Uniforms, scorebooks provided
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:50


PLRLL Meeting Minutes 2/25/2016

PLRLL Meeting Minutes 2/25/2016

● Meeting called to order at 8PM
● Review of player evaluation process and challenge to higher division
○ Discussed process for evaluations, challenges as well as corresponding
■ Reviewed that all evaluated players may not make the higher division
regardless of ability. Players will be moved to an alternate division only if
the move will not jeopardize the viability of their age appropriate division.
○ Reminder that only players being evaluated as well as the coaches conducting
the evaluations are permitted in the gym during the evaluation process. No
parents/family members are allowed to be in the gym during evaluations due to
insurance regulations with PLHS.
● Field care day on March 19 from 812
○ Request made for people to bring landscaping tools/equipment
○ PLRLL Board will look into field care for Riverdale School fields
● March 24 will be mandatory manager’s meeting for uniforms, etc
○ New managers/coaches need to submit all required paperwork including Rutgers
Safety card, Heads Up Concussion training, code of conduct form, background
check form along with a copy of their driver’s license.
■ Returning coaches/managers need only submit a new background check
form as well as code of conduct.
● April 9th is opening day with more info to follow regarding pictures, parade and
● Currently there are 322 players registered
○ Managers for farm baseball are needed
○ Farm softball and minor softball officially a go
■ 3 farm teams may go to 4 depending on final numbers
■ Additional players are still needed for several divisions including Major
BB/SB, Juniors BB/SB and Senior BB needs 3 players
● Preseason
○ Outside of snack stand has been painted
○ Inside floor of snack stand was painted walls to be done
○ Equipment boxes in process of being painted
○ Shed will get new door at a cost of $650
○ Nets to be installed at senior field
○ Batting cages will be cleaned and new carpet or cinders to be installed
○ Quotes on Joe Black to convert to baseball field
■ Backstop, sprinkler system
○ Need new appliances for snack stand
○ Availability of Independence fields
● Treasury report provided
● Discussed purchase of a ATV to replace golf cart for dragging field and moving
● Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM