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Player Evaluation


All PLRLL players will be expected to play in the division corresponding with their Little League baseball/softball age.  If a parent would like to request that their player/child be evaluated for play in an older division the following criteria will apply:

  • The request for evaluation into and older division must be submitted in writing to the PLRLL
    • The request should be made to
    • The request must be made prior to the scheduled group evaluations for baseball/softball
  • Players requesting an evaluation into an older division must not have previously challenged into an older division.
  • If a player successfully evaluates into an older division they must play 3 seasons in the older division and/or naturally age out.
    • An exception to these guidelines may be made at the discretion of the PLRLL Executive Board if the player has been selected to the All-Star team in their second year within a division.
  • When all the above criteria are satisfied the player/child to be evaluated MUST attend the scheduled group evaluation for their age appropriate division AND the division they wish to play in.
    • Failure to submit the request in writing AND participate in the scheduled evaluations will result in an automatic denial of the challenge request.
    • Players challenging into an older division are NOT guaranteed to be permitted to play in the older level.
    • Players who are successful at challenging into an older division will be judged as being able to perform/play as one of the top players in the division they are challenging into.
    • Decisions of the evaluation committee are final; consideration for the overall success of the league will be considered as part of the decision process.