PLRLL Meeting Minutes 3/9/2017

PLRLL General Meeting 03/09/2017

* First Aid overview by PLRFAS

* Safety review

o 2 Forms need to be completed, PLRLL Accident report and AIG form

* Forms and all injuries should be reported to Vin Stigliano (PLRLL safety officer)

* Umpires

o Minor Softball and Baseball will have kid umpires as in years past

* Kid umpires must be league age for majors or above

o Majors and above for baseball and softball will have league/district umpires

o PLRLL umpire clinic will be scheduled, timing is TBD

* Review of current league make-up

o Farm Baseball-6

o Farm Softball-4

o Minor Baseball-4

o Minor Softball-4

o Major Baseball-4

o Major Softball-1

o Junior Baseball-2

o Junior Softball-1

o T-Ball-8

* Managers/Coaches

o Required paperwork for managers/coaches must be returned by 03/23/2017

* Rutgers Saftey course and concussion education course must be completed

* Teams are permitted 1 manager and 2 coaches for volunteer purposes.

* Field Care Day

o 03/18/2017 starting at 9AM

* District Schedules will be available mid-May

* Uniforms will be distributed on 03/23/2017 at mandatory meeting

* Review of proper drafting procedures by player agent

* Reminder about snack stand volunteer need

* Reminder to attend mandatory meetings

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