PLRLL Meeting Minutes 6/13/2013

6-13-13 8:00PM Civic Center, General Meeting

-Treasurer Report. LL Account & Snackstand Account
-Playoff schedules have changed and continue to change due to the weather. The changes will not necessarily be posted on the website and managers & parents should be in contact with each other.
-T ball, Farm BB, Minor SB can continue to play, after graduation games (if applicable) as long as fields are available and playable. The regular season should end no later than 6/21.
-There are no in town playoff games scheduled for 6/19 (8th grade graduation), the snackstand will be closed.
-Volunteers are needed for snackstand, field care etc. especially on 6/24 & 6/26 (Major SB tournament doubleheaders), 6/27 & 6/28 (single games). Also 7/8-15 Minor SB Sectionals.
-Use of the fields DJ, JG, in town & travel should coordinate with John Keating as to avoid conflict. LL playoff games & tournaments take priority.
-Volunteers looking for 3hrs. snackstand etc. should contact John Keating or Gary Charyak.
-The league is looking for a landscaper trailer that can be loaded up and removed quickly in the event of a flood.


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