PLRLL Meeting Minutes 4/12/2012


Finances- Walter Puzio
Starting Balance $35,759.00
Deposits $6,650.00
Expenses $19,153.00
Ending Balance $23,256.00

Facilities- JVB
Sr Field- Loads of clay being spread by the DPW
Willow field being worked on.
Don Jenkins field in good shape- ready for play.
Snack Stand passed fire inspection- ready for business

Safety- Joe Kleinot
2 injuries reported- 1 concussion and 1 possible torn ACL
All boxes are filled and ready
Running low please give Joe a call to refill.

Al Spahn- Website, signups update,schedules & riverdale fields
Currently 430 signups down 65 from last year.
All players have been assigned to a team
Schedules are done
TBALL schedule evenly distributed so weekends are divided up evenly amongst
Farm schedule has been fixed
Riverdale Independence files both have mounds and bases.

Mike Jenkins- Player Agent
Final lists of all players needs to be submitted to Little League
This Weekend
Parade is all set with 12pm kickoff
Picture schedule on the website

Reminder that all scores must be submitted to: and the game id# must be included.

Mike Coss- president
Discussion about the schedule
Discussion about getting the Sr’s on the big field
There is still no schedule for the Jr & Sr softball . Waiting on the district.
Discussion about JVB lining all the fields on Saturday. JVB will handle it.

New Business
Major schedule was a discussion. They play Friday & Saturday and complaint
was lots of kids going away.
Talk about maybe rescheduling some games or borrowing other players.

Robert Fagan

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