PLRLL Meeting Minutes 3/1/2012


Safety squad provided basic safety instructions on all subjects ranging from bee stings to concussions.

Finances- provided by Walter Puzio
Starting Balance $22,397.00
Deposits from signups $18,565.00
Deposits from sponsors $4,050.00
Total Deposits $22,616.00

Little League Reg $4,140.00
Insurance $2,400.00
Equipment $200.00
Po Box & Supplies $300.00
Utilities $2,300.00
Total Expenses $9,254.00
Ending Balance $35,759.00

29 teams now sponsored

Total amount of children signed up is 346 players. Al Spahn has been stopping by weekly to Home Field Advantage to pick up new signed up players information.

All Stars- The district is asking that all helmets must NOT have any kind of stickers or decals on them.

The checking of equipment during all star competition will no longer be done by the umpires, this responsibility will be given to the managers. They must check all helmets, bats, gloves and all other equipment.

Tryouts are this weekend, the boys on Saturday and girls on Sunday.
Fieldcare will be on 3/17/12 from 9am to 12pm.

Player Evaluations to consider moving up a child into a higher division must be done on draft day. The request must come from a manager in that division and that request must be sent to the Division Supervisor.

Old Business

Joe Kleinot handed out practice and game balls to all managers. If a manager was not at this meeting, those practice/game balls were handed to the Division Supervisor.

Per Al Spahn there will be clay dropped off to the Riverdale Fields within the next two weeks.

New Business

Concussion Certification- Riverdale schools want everyone managing & coaching to be certified in the concussion training course.
Rutgers course is being offered by TriBoro on 3/10 & 3/17.
Teams will be assigned a snack stand time.
Picture Day- looking for volunteers. Bishop Photo is ready to go. We have permission to use the high school gym for pictures.
We are working on rosters to get a better idea of the uniform count.

Next General Meeting will be on 3-22-12.

VERY IMPORTANT- Supervisors must get a list of all kids in their divisions to Jess Curran.

Starting in April we will meet twice a month, 2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month.


In order for a manager & coaches to get on the field they must:
Sign the Code of Conduct and hand in.
Must be Rutgers Certified as well as have a completed certificate on the Concussion training course.
Background check form must be completed and handed in.

Robert Fagan
Corresponding Secretary PLRLL

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